“Simplicity works well for Craig March's Mitch. I've never seen Mitch played as so deeply compassionate; the quality makes his ordinariness luminous.”  

 Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Craig March is fantastic to watch. He carries the dramatic weight with ease, delivering an effortless and emotional 60 minute performance. He makes what could have been contrived entirely believable.”

Claire Hill, PLANK Magazine

"As Mitch, Craig March is dynamite. Here is an actor who is always in the moment, and some of his best work came when he wasn't even speaking: as he listened to Blanche behind the curtain, his body tensed so slowly and precisely it looked as though he might pop a vein.”         Leanne Campbell, The Westender


Craig approaches the craft with great respect and a sense of play that focuses on bringing the most truthful story forward every time he takes on a role. His inspiration and foundation is in improvisation, theatre and the study of Uta Hagen. As an actor, the learning never ends, and he continues to study, most recently participating in Carol Rosenfeld's, Master Acting Workshop as well as her Uta Hagen Teacher's Lab out of HBStudio, NYC. Over the years, he has taken on starring roles for companies such as: The Chemainus Theatre Festival, The Belfry, Western Theatre Conspiracy, Western Canadian Theatre, The Richmond Gateway and has appeared in numerous Vancouver Fringe Festival productions and has produced, directed and appeared in independent works for the stage. On screen, he is grateful to have worked with, and learn from, some of the most talented and gifted individuals in the industry. He is determined to continue creating work for film and theatre that is fun, provocative, challenging and entertaining.